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Aquatic Sciences is recognized as the industry leader in research and design of programs for zebra mussel control. Aquatic Sciences currently operates treatment systems utilizing chemical and non-chemical options for industries, power generation and water treatment facilities throughout the Great Lakes area.


Chlorination of raw cooling and service water systems remains the most frequently practiced and proven means of zebra mussel control. Methods of application and potential associated side effects are well understood. Neutralization of trace total residual chlorine (TRC) of the effluent using sodium metabisulphite is an easy and reliable method of ensuring that the aquatic environment is protected. Treatment of raw water systems using this protocol is effective, safe, and economic. There is minimal risk to the aquatic environment and the benthic community, and it does not create any potential long term environmental liabilities.

Control strategies range from:

  • Continuous low level chlorination of the service water during the entire reproductive season of the mussel
  • Single shock treatment at some time near the end of the mussel reproductive season


As an alternative to the extensive costs and effort involved in designing, implementing and operating a chlorination and dechlorination system for zebra mussel control, AQUATIC SCIENCES has developed a completely portable and turnkey system using chlorine or potash as control agents. Turnkey services include installation and operation of chemical metering skids, data loggers, chart recorders, analytical instrumentation and dechlorination systems. In addition, AQUATIC SCIENCES provides all Ministry of the Environment (MOE) permits, compliance monitoring and reporting.


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