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Underwater Inspection Services
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Underwater Civil Engineering Inspections
Aquatic Sciences conducts underwater civil engineering inspections for structural assessment, non-destructive examination, repair design, cost estimating and forensics employing a range of technologies including commercial diving, ROV's, drop cameras and rope access technology.

Inspections requiring underwater access are conducted by professional engineers and technicians that are certified commercial divers, rope access technicians trained to Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) guidelines, ROV pilots and confined space specialists. To ensure full attention to detail is given to the structure being inspected, two-way voice communications, standby divers/rope access technicians, and contingency/rescue plans are required on every project.

  • Visual and sonar inspections
  • Metal thickness testing, non-destructive examinations
  • Bridge structures, piers, and wharf surveys
  • Dam site investigations
  • Tunnel, pipelines, shafts, intakes and penstocks surveys


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