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Underwater Inspection Services
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Underwater Mapping Services
Aquatic Sciences provides a complete range of marine geophysical, hydrographic and visual inspection techniques to conduct underwater mapping investigations. Submerged surface features and targets are located, measured and mapped with precision accuracy in real-time using a combination of geophysical mapping and charting technology. In-house Certified hydrographers, cartographers and graphic specialists produce quality technical reports (hardcopy and GIS compatible formats) utilizing geophysical data.

Aquatic Sciences' survey vessels are trailerable and equipped with a wide variety of survey equipment packages. In addition to surface vessels, Aquatic Sciences owns and operates a fleet of purpose-built remotely operated vehicles (ROV's) to deploy sonar and video imaging in open water, tunnels and pipelines.

Technical advances in marine geophysical survey instrumentation and methodologies provide greater efficiency and accuracy in underwater mapping of rivers, estuaries, channels, lakes or harbor bottom surfaces.

•  Marine geophysical surveys utilizing sidescan and multi-beam sonar, sub-bottom profiling, bathymetry and positioning
•  Geological investigations
•  Habitat mapping and archaeological surveys
•  Underwater search, survey and recovery
•  Dredging surveys and volumetric determination
•  Sonar profiling/imaging surveys
•  Open-water remotely operated vehicle inspections
•  Integrated navigation and positioning services
•  Cable and pipeline inspections
•  Cathodic protection surveys



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