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Aquatic Sciences pioneered the use of specialized remotely operated vehicles (ROV) for inspection of long water conveyance tunnels. The ASI Mantaro , a long tunnel inspection ROV, is tethered by a 33,000 ft. umbilical that transmits sonar and video data real-time to the surface via fibreoptic telemetry. Aquatic Sciences has completed continuous surveys of 6.2 mi. from a single access point using this extreme length robotic system. Recent inspections include a 72 mi. water supply tunnel in Finland and a 5.8 mi. tailrace tunnel in New Zealand .

Dewatering poses identifiable risks in water conveyance tunnels that are affected by the reversal of significant hydrostatic pressure often resulting in structural instability. Remote inspection technology eliminates structural and human risk, while reducing the cost of spillage and lost revenue incurred during lengthy shutdowns.
ROV data collection technology provides the capability of accurate dimensioning of voids or debris fields in these confined spaces. Clients have also applied this remote technology prior to dewatering to make informed decisions regarding outage scheduling and remediation strategies that minimize downtime. Our fleet also includes ROV's for small pipeline and open water survey inspections.

ROV Fleet includes vehicles for tracked inspection systems up to 2,220 ft./700 m, medium sized conduits up to 5,000 ft./1,500 m, and long tunnels up to 33,000 ft./10 km

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