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Underwater Inspection Services
Water & Wastewater Engineering


Aquatic Sciences provides a broad range of comprehensive technical services to all water and wastewater users.

These services range from civil engineering inspection of submarine structures to industrial wastewater treatment for the control of nuisance organisms such as zebra mussels, algae and biofilm.

Specialized services include; industrial rope access, tunnel/pipeline inspections and underwater surveys.

Company Background

Aquatic Sciences was founded in 1987 by a small team of technically minded professionals with the thought of bringing advanced yet simple solutions to industrial and municipal water and wastewater issues.

Since then ASI has grown to a staff of over 100 professionals with offices in the United States and Canada.

Our core business remains the same, but, we have expanded and developed expertise on a world wide scale, in the areas of remote underwater inspections of long pipelines and tunnels and industrial water treatment for the protection of nuisance organisms such as zebra mussel, algae, biofilm, etc.

Other technical services include underwater surveys and mapping, industrial rope access capabilities for high angle work, design/build/operation of industrial water wastewater treatment systems.

Water and Wastewater Engineering Services

In the late 1980's, Aquatic Sciences earned a global reputation for our proactive response to the zebra mussel infestation of the Great Lakes . Our ever-expanding expertise in industrial bio-fouling extends to the safe control of algae, biofilm and corrosive organisms to protect clients' facilities and production. Utilizing the latest technology, our environmental engineers, scientists and technicians assure the highest degree of accuracy and performance.

Our versatile, full-service professional and technical engineering team undertakes all aspects of water and wastewater management; planning, design, analysis, turnkey operations, contract management and fabrication. Our engineering team specializes in total design/build/operate services for both industrial and municipal water and wastewater treatment projects.
Underwater Services
We own and operate a full fleet of advanced robotic vehicles to conduct civil engineering inspections, underwater mapping and remediation. Aquatic Sciences is the only company in the world to offer long tunnel inspections of up to 6.2 mi./10 km using ROV's without costly de-watering. In-house ROV pilots, marine geophysical and rope access technicians compliment scientific and engineering staff in open or confined water investigations and underwater mapping.

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